Terror fabulous disrespectful

The incident, which is now (via CBS) being investigated as terrorism , saw the NYPD quickly tweet that one suspect was in custody , and they’re not looking for other suspects at this time. Official tweets from the NYPD’s account confirmed that the truck-related incident and the gunfire were one and the same. That is, the NYPD said , “The suspect exited the vehicle displaying imitation firearms & was shot by NYPD” after driving down the bike path. The suspect’s medical condition is not yet known, although he remains in custody.

Ahead of the game against Swansea, Burnley said in a statement: "A series of hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) barriers will be installed ahead of and immediately after the match.

Terror Fabulous DisrespectfulTerror Fabulous DisrespectfulTerror Fabulous DisrespectfulTerror Fabulous Disrespectful